Our GPS Service

Now for the really cool part…

Ready, Set, PAWS! uses Pet Check Technology™, which provides clients the ability to monitor each session with real-time GPS mapping.

Never wonder again whether you are actually getting the full service and how your your walker is spending their time!

A notification email is automatically sent when the visit starts.

Once the visit is complete, a second automated email is sent with a link for full appointment details including exact start and end times (down to the second), mapping, #1/#2 icons, and notes from the walker.

Clients can access the Pet Check website at any time to view the exact route taken (note the paw prints below), along with historical appointments, and have access to tons of other useful tools and information via Ready, Set, PAWS! Pet Check portal.

Reach out today and learn more about how Ready, Set, PAWS! partnered with Pet Check Technology will put your mind at ease and leave you wondering, why didn’t I switch to RSP sooner?!


Never wonder again whether your walker arrived that day!

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